Traits of productive people : :

Productive people have a success recipe which they follow and adhere to, all the time. This is applicable to any line of business not just software development. By developing these traits, people can be 3 to 5 times more productive than they are now.

  1. Set stretch goals or be unrealistic with your goals : : This makes them focussed and eliminates all distractions. There is a magic that happens when individual gets riveted to a stretch goal – he or she gets challenged which motivates them to go after the goal;
  2. Persistency and Consistency : Take one day at a time and deliver results. Any thing can be mastered when an individual is persistent and consistently work on it. The key is, make progress everyday.
  3. Results oriented – measure, monitor and improve is the mantra for results. Always measure themselves against the bench marks available and compete with others and within;
  4. Domain/local/technical knowledge and expertise – study, learn, understand, experiment, explore and seek help from others. Do not hesitate to ask for help and collaborate with others. Be and create a master mind around “You”
  5. Be proactive & be a problem solver – they are always proactive and don’t wait to hear about a problem. They anticipate and come up with alternatives.
  6. Be a team player : : They are very easy to work with and collaborate with people. They always work towards the team winning than being an individual hero!!
  7. Action oriented – they take initiative and take action. They never look or seek permission;

Life & Golf happens between the ears

All of life happens between the ears – its all about imagination and visualization; ¬†Similarly, the game of golf happens in the mind. There are many similarities between life and golf. It’s all about the power of mind and how one can utilize it can determine what he or she can achieve in life.

To simply put, life is a reflection of what one thinks and feels inside his/her mind. Both of them happens in the mind and hence, the status of the mind determines what one attracts into his/her life. In a way, this also know as Law of Attraction. The process of practicing mindfulness makes one more aware their thoughts and feelings. A good state of mind brings all positive things into life and similarly, a good state of mind of a golfer brings his/her excellent game into play.

The Joy of Living


Simple prayer for peace , happiness and joy!

May all sentient beings have happiness and the causes of happiness

May all sentient beings be free from suffering and the causes of suffering

May all sentient beings have joy and the causes of joy

May all sentient beings remain in great equanimity, free from attachment and aversion.

Attitude of Gratitude

This is a great feeling and living constantly in a state of gratitude brings so much peace, love, joy and happiness into life.

Do the following 5 things everyday and your life transforms : :

  1. Maintain a gratitude journal
  2. Write 5 things you are grateful for today
  3. Appreciate what you already have
  4. Be grateful for things you would like to have in life(your goals) as though they are already
  5. Desire, believe and expect miracles to happen every day

With this simple step, life transforms and you can manifest what ever you want in life!